Llama en Llamas, meaning "Flaming Llama," is bringing the fresh, authentic flavors of the street food of northern Chile to the Bay Area. The owners are a binational couple based in Berkeley, California with a shared passion for bringing people together around food.


Hans Díaz Castro grew up in the northern Chilean city of Arica in a family of cooks, food-lovers, and entrepreneurs. After finishing law school in Chile, he found his way to the restaurant and catering industries of the Bay Area, where he has worked as a cook, server, bartender, equipment manager and delivery driver. Now his acute legal mind keeps Llama En Llamas out of trouble and his tasty cooking provides the sazón.


Taylor Harman ran her own cycling accessory business in Chicago before moving to Chile and falling in love with its culture and cuisine (and with Hans). With an M.A. in English, she makes sure that our marketing materials are extra cohesive and grammatical. She has experience in events management and promotion, as well as hiring and training staff, and she loves making lists.

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