We make a variety of sandwiches, snacks, entrees, salads and sauces inspired by the culinary traditions of northern Chile.  While we serve a limited rotating menu at our pop-ups, all items are available for catering at private events. Contact us for prices.


A yogui (pronounced “yogi”) is a hand-held snack unique to the northern city of Arica, Chile, consisting of a skewer with jack cheese, meat, and/or vegetables that is covered in a waffle batter and heated to golden-brown perfection. Customers can choose their favorite ingredients, including: shrimp, chicken, kalamata olive,  mushroom, or traditional hotdog and cheese.



Completos are a classic of Chilean street food: hotdogs served on a hearty bun topped with avocado, tomato, and sauerkraut, and mayonnaise. We offer all-beef and vegetarian hotdogs on our own homemade buns.

CHUrrasco Italiano SANDWICH

Classic Chilean sandwich of thinly sliced steak topped with avocado, tomato, and mayo. Served on our homemade marraqueta bread. 


Classic Chilean sandwich with green beans, tomato, and sliced banana peppers, served on our homemade marraqueta bread. Choice of meat: churrasco (steak), carne mechada (Chilean-style pot roast), chicken, or jackfruit.


Inspired by one of our favorite sandwich shops in the northern city of Iquique, this sandwich is topped with sweet potato, pickled onions, and hot peppers. Served on  our homemade marraqueta bread with your choice of meat:  chicken, beef, or jackfruit mechada.


Our customers love our homemade Chilean-style bread: marraquetas, hallullas, and hotdog buns. Our bread is also available separately from our sandwiches.


This baked dish contains shrimp seasoned with merquén smoked pepper  in a hearty sauce made of white wine, cream, and breadcrumbs.

Pastel de CHOCLO

Literally translating to "corn pie," this baked dish contains a base of seasoned minced beef and hardboiled egg, topped in ground corn paste and baked to golden-brown perfection. We also offer a vegan version with a base of mushroom and chard.


Ensalada chilena

A traditional Chilean side salad of sliced tomato, onion, and cilantro, seasoned with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt.


Our fresh homemade sauces add unique flavor to our food.

  • Spicy Cilantro tart spicy sauce made with cilantro, jalapeño, and green onion. Great for dipping yoguis.

  • Mayo con Aceitunascreamy aioli with kalamata olives. Great for dipping yoguis or on sandwiches.

  • Pebrechopped tomato, onion, cilanto, fresh chilis, and smoked merquén pepper. Great on our fresh bread.

SALAD + Dinner Specials

We can make a variety of other Chilean-style salads and dinners for catering events. Contact us for more information.